O Instituito de Pesquisas Ambientais da Amazônia e a PG Ecologia convidam para a palestra do Dr. Michael Coe, do Woods Hole Research Center. A palestra intitulada “Feedbacks between land cover and climate in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado biomes”, acontecerá na próxima quinta (23/mar) às 14:00 no auditório 1 do IB.

Michael Coe is an earth system scientist who specializes in understanding how human land cover change and land management decisions affect the energy and water cycles, and ultimately feedback to regional climate. He is currently participating in projects based in the Brazilian Amazon and savanna environments. He leads field research programs to collect data on how expanding agriculture changes evaporation, soil moisture, river discharge, and biochemical cycles. His research combines field data with satellite observations and earth system computer models to better understand the scale of historical and potential future human impacts on tropical climate and ecosystems and help develop mitigation strategies.

A palesrta é aberta a qualquer interesssado e será proferida em Inglês.

michael coe